June 2019
Sky Sapience Launches the SHADO – A Superior Lightweight Surveillance Camera

With its 500m+ face recognition capabilities, SHADO complements the company’s airborne platforms

Sky Sapience, the leading provider of field-proven tethered hovering solutions, has launched SHADO, a superior-performance surveillance camera system. SHADO can detect the presence of people from 15km, perform Face Recognition from over 500m, and detect and identify license plates.

A day and twilight long-range camera, with top sensor range performance based on ultra-sensitive sensors and unique video enhancement technology, it is ideal for a wide variety of surveillance applications. It offers advanced image processing with a resolution of 4096 x 3000. The camera, weighing just 7kg, can be stationed on a tripod, positioned on a rooftop or deployed on an airborne platform.

“We decided to develop this premium camera in response to market demands, which require a day/twilight camera with a lightweight, compact structure, and a high performance level that was previously unavailable,” said Gabriel Shachor, CEO and Founder, Sky Sapience. “I’m confident SHADO will service many customers as a part of an aerial system as well as an independent unit.”

SHADO caters a wide variety of applications, from Homeland security to Border patrol, Perimeter protection, Mass event monitoring and control, search and rescue and anti-terrorist missions.

About Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience is the leading provider of tethered hovering platforms which are field proven worldwide. The company was founded on vast military, business and engineering experience. Its dedicated team members are experts in the fields of aeronautics, robotics, computer programming, electronics and business management.

The company’s flagship product series, the HoverMast tethered hovering platform, offers an exceptional size-to-payload ratio, visibility, durability and stability in all weather and light conditions. The HoverMast serves leading organizations in military and HLS settings, as well as in enterprise and commercial environments worldwide.

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