January 2017
Sky Sapience Launches New Airborne Intelligence Solutions for the Enterprise Market

Sky Sapience Launches New Airborne Intelligence Solutions for the Enterprise Market

HoverMast’s Unique Tethered Hovering Platforms Ensure Boundless Intelligence and Communication for Maximum Performance in any Enterprise Task

Yokneam, Israel – Sky Sapience Ltd., the pioneer and sole provider of tethered, hovering platforms has released a new HoverMast product line, comprising tethered, hovering solutions tailored to enterprise needs.

HoverMast was designed to accommodate a variety of enterprise challenges, including perimeter control, event management, communication and cellular applications for strategic facilities, oil & gas pipelines and rigs, traffic control, emergency response, firefighting, mines, monitoring of nature reserves, disaster areas and mass events.

With its exceptional durability and visibility, HoverMast operates in various weather and light conditions, including snow, heat, dampness, light and dark, and can detect a person from miles away at midnight. Secured by a cable, its infinite power supply allows HoverMast to hover at heights up to 150m for any amount of time.  To provide high-end visual intelligence, HoverMast accommodates a variety of electronic optical inputs, including laser, Infra-Red and radar technology, advanced mobile ad hoc networking and acoustic multi-mission sensor and cellular communication. Supporting this input is HoverMast’s exceptional payload, up to 18 kg.

HoverMast was designed with an extremely simple and friendly user interface requiring minimal technical expertise. The system constantly monitors all inputs and alerts the user when needed.

“We are confident that our enterprise-oriented platforms will prove extremely valuable for the enterprise and commercial markets,” said Gabriel Shachor, CEO and Founder, Sky Sapience. “In crafting the series, we leveraged our deep knowledge of airborne tethered drone technology, accumulated from the success of our defense-related product series used by governments and military entities. HoverMast’s combination of excellent surveillance and effective communications can facilitate optimal completion of any task.”

As a tethered platform, and unlike drones, HoverMast is exempt from standard air control regulations requiring various licenses and restrictions on areas of activity. This renders HoverMast immediately available for any task, virtually anywhere, including urban areas in the proximity of buildings.

HoverMast’s technology is the only tethered hovering system that successfully operates worldwide, serving cross-national entities such as the UN and large organizations in the United States, Asia and Israel.

About Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience is the only provider of tethered mobile hovering platforms which are field proven worldwide. The company was founded on vast military, business, and engineering experience. Its dedicated team members are experts in the fields of aeronautics, robotics, computer programming, electronics, and business management.

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