March 2022
Sky Sapience announces the 1st SHADO camera delivery

 March 13th, 2022 – Sky Sapience introduces the SHADO, its superior performance surveillance light weight camera.

Developed and designed to detect the presence of people from 15km, perform Face Recognition from over 500m, and detect and identify license plates from 800m. The day and twilight long-range camera, with top sensor range performance based on ultra-sensitive sensors and unique video enhancement technology, is ideal for a wide variety of surveillance applications. The SHADO can be stationed on a tripod, positioned on a rooftop or onboard airborne hovering platforms, specially designed to maximize the HoverMast capabilities.

Sky Sapience performed the first delivery of the SHADO to a significant European customer at the beginning of March 2022, which uses it for perimeter security and control. The customer said:” The SHADO” secured the security gap in the area enabling face and vehicle plate recognition from a significantly longer distances, especially when mounted on the HoverMast hovering at 100m”.

The SHADO enhances the customer’s area surveillance, by providing completely stable hi-definition video even from an aerial vehicle and during bad weather conditions.

The SHADO features ultra-long range, advanced image processing and superb low light capabilities while being lightweight and compact.

The SHADO caters a variety of application and use-cases such as homeland security, border patrol, perimeter protection, mass event monitoring and control, law enforcement, force protection, special operations, anti-terrorist/smuggling surveillance and search and rescue

“We’re excited to be offering a new, elite performance yet light weight and affordable camera. As a leading producer of mobile, operational experienced tethered machines, Sky Sapience has a unique advantage when answering the governments’ calls for increasingly innovative and adaptive technologies to support their endeavors in a rapidly changing world. We plan to deliver more SHADO cameras to our existing and customers around the globe.” – Guy Oren, CEO of Sky Sapience.