Sky Sapience

  • Gabriel Shachor
    CEO, Founder
    Israel Air Force (IAF) Brigadier General (Res.) Gabriel Shachor brings to Sky Sapience vast experience in the management and execution of very large operations and extensive knowledge of aviation and state-of-the-art UAV technologies. Mr. Shachor has a Law degree from the Hebrew University and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati School of Business. Following his retirement from the IAF, Mr. Shachor worked with Pitango VC as an EIR.
  • shy cohenShy Cohen
    VP Sky-Works Division, Founder
    Shy Cohen brings extensive business and entrepreneurial experience to Sky Sapience. To date, he has founded three start-up companies and served as Asia-Pacific Regional Manager for Camtek (Israel) and Sagitta (Israel). Mr. Cohen holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology.
  • ronen keidarRonen Keidar
    CTO, Founder
    Ronen Keidar served as Chief Engineer of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science in the Technion and is a member of the MARS (Multi-Agent Robotic Systems) research group. Having received a degree in Computer Science from the Technion, Mr. Keidar has served as an independent consultant on several hi-tech projects in addition to working at his alma mater.
  • limor barakLimor Barak-Tanchuma
    VP Marketing & HR
    Ms. Barak-Tanchuma contributes her rich background in the fields of human resources and management to Sky Sapience. Holding a BA in Behavioral Science and an MA in Labor Studies, Limor has served as VP HR, HR Director, and PA at companies including, Pladot, Carmel Olefins, and Privia.
  • zvika yanivZvika Yaniv
    VP Engineering
    Zvika Yaniv brings to Sky Sapience many years of engineering and management experience, as well as a vast knowledge of aviation; especially servo and inertial systems. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, Zvika served as Director of Aerial and Ground Systems at Starling and as General Manager at Electroimpact Israel.


  • prof omri randEyal Sasson
    Eyal Sasson has extensive experience in production processes, engineering management and mechanical design with a wide knowledge base in the field of fab engineering and production, electro-optics and optical communication. With a degree from the Technion in mechanical engineering, Mr. Sasson has served as Engineering Group Manager at Color Chip and in other engineering and management positions at Sterling, CyOptic, Qualcomm and Belcom Microwaves.
  • prof omri randProf. Omri Rand
    Expert Consultant
    Professor Omri Rand serves as an Expert Consultant for Sky Sapience on loan from the Technion where he is the Head of the Autonomic Systems Program at the Technion Aeronautics and Space faculty. Previously Dr. Rand served as the Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and as Head of the Aerospace Research Center at the Technion. In 1993-1994 he was a resident research associate at the U.S. Army Advanced Systems Research & Analysis Office, NASA Ames Research Center, USA.  
  • Hai Pedut
    VP R&D
    Hai Pedut brings wide experience in technical and team leadership, strategic planning and global customer management. Hai served as VP Business Development and Sales at Petrus Group, VP R&D at Fiber