HM-120 small

The HoverMast-120 is a larger version of the HM-100. It rises to greater heights (up to 100 m) and is capable of hosting heavier payloads (up to 18kg). It is typically mounted on larger vehicles, and is suited for missions requiring extended operational and visual range.


The HM-120 is secured by a cable, serving as a power supply and wideband data link. The stabilized 5-rotor platform is able to host a large variety of payloads such as CCD/IR cameras, radars, laser designators, relays, cellular antennas, and hyperspectral sensors and can receive COMINT and ELINT. The data gathered is transmitted via its wide band communication link, which enables the transfer of critical data to selected recipients in real time.


Due to the fact that the HoverMast-120 is tethered (providing it with unlimited electric power and thus unlimited operation time), it is not considered an airborne vehicle. Therefore, standard air control regulations do not apply to its use.



HoverMast-120  Applications


Border control

Federal and local law enforcement

Anti-terror activities

Critical infrastructure protection

Mega event protection and crowd control

Special Forces, infantry and naval operation

Urban warfare

Battle information fusion




HoverMast-120  Technical Specifications





Hovering height

100 m


18 kg

Wind limit

25 kts

Deployment time

Several seconds

Redeployment time

Several seconds

Operation mode






Remote Control