AUVSI 2012 - Great Success for Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience participated in the International AUVSI Conference and Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel last month.  At the conference Brig. Gen. (Res.) Gabriel Shachor, CEO of Sky Sapience was a member of a hi-level panel discussing the lessons learned in the field operation of unmanned vehicles. Mr. Shachor gave a enlightening lecture on the immense improvements in UAV technologies that have taken place over the last 10 years and the use that the IDF has made of those technologies in engagements during that time. 

From the point of view of Sky Sapience, the exhibition was a great success. A prototype of the HoverMast, tethered hovering machine designed for small vehicles, was displayed for the first time and drew  considerable attention. The company's team members met with conference partipants, explained how the system works and expounded on the benefits of using the Hovermast for HLS, military and civilian purposes.

The conference and exhibition resulted in a drastic increase in requests for information and collaboration on the HoverMast and other Sky Sapience developments from all around the world.