HoverMast 100-CN – Best-Size-to-Payload for Enterprise Marine Intelligence


HM-120 small

The HoverMast-100-CN is a tethered hovering platform for marine applications and port security, providing enterprises with unlimited intelligence and communication.

The HoverMast-100-CN robust architecture features subsystems which are especially tailored and certified for salt water environments, with galvanized mechanical parts, sealed electrical components, and minimum moving parts to increase durability.

It is designed for use on small marine vessels such as patrol boats, unmanned surface vehicles, coast guard craft, etc. HoverMast-100-CN, seaborne hovering system is operated from the bridge of a vessel or from a combat operations center.

The platform maintains stabilized hovering even while on the move, secured by a cable. With its exceptional durability and visibility, HoverMast-100-CN operates in various weather and light conditions, including snow, heat, damp, light and dark. Secured by a cable, its infinite power supply allows HoverMast-100-CN to hover at heights up to 100m for any amount of time.




  • Port and coastal security for enterprises
  • Ship protection
  • Controlling disaster events at sea
  • Surveillance of naval zones
  • Oil rig control


HoverMast 100-CN Technical Specifications




Platform Type


Hovering height

100 m



Wind limit

30 kts

Deployment time