Enterprise Products

Unlimited Airborne Intelligence for Excellence in any Task


The HoverMast series offers one-of-a-kind aerial solutions for real time intelligence and communication, tailored to the needs of enterprises. Aquila solutions are based on tethered hovering platforms featuring unlimited power and operational time, as well as exceptional payload, visibility and mobility.


HoverMast caters to a variety of enterprise challenges, ranging from perimeter control, event management, communication and cellular applications for strategic facilities, oil & gas pipelines and rigs, traffic control, emergency response, firefighting, mines, forests and national parks, disaster areas and mass events.


Providing a complete solution, HoverMast brings not only top-level observation and surveillance capabilities, but also an effective communication tool for handling events. It enables immediate and continuous data transmission through a wideband link to any destination, setting up valuable communication between different teams to facilitate optimal handling of the event.


HoverMast’s innovative patented technology is encased by an extremely simple and friendly user interface requiring minimal technical expertise.


As a tethered platform, HoverMast is exempt from standard air control regulations requiring various licenses and restrictions on areas of activity. This renders HoverMast immediately available for any task, virtually anywhere, including urban areas in the proximity of buildings.


HoverMast is based on the only tethered hovering technology that successfully operates worldwide, serving cross-national entities such as the United Nations and large organizations in the United States, Asia and Israel.


HoverMast-50-C - Excellent Size-to-Payload for Enterprise Applications

Hovermast-100-C – Best Size-to-Payload for Enterprise Applications
Hovermast-150-C – Greatest Heights & Power for Enterprise Applications
HoverMast-50-CS: Stationary Enterprise Platform for Top Wind Endurance
HoverMast-100-CS: Stationary Enterprise Platform for Best Size-to-Payload
HoverMast-150-CS: Stationary Enterprise Platform for Ultra-Powerful Intelligence

HoverMast-50-CN РExcellent Size to Payload for Enterprise Marine Intelligence
HoverMast-100-CN – Best-Size-to-Payload for Enterprise Marine Intelligence
HoverMast-150-CN – The Most Powerful Marine Intelligence for Enterprises