HoverMast 150-M: Greatest Height, Heaviest Payloads for Defense Applications


HM-120 small

The HoverMast-150-M is the most powerful platform in the series, offering superb observation, surveillance and communication. The tethered hovering platform rises to the greatest heights of up to 150m and is capable of hosting the heaviest payloads, up to 18kg. Due to its larger dimensions, it is typically mounted on more sizeable vehicles, making it optimal for applications requiring extended operational and visual range.

The HoverMast-150-M is secured by a cable, serving as an unlimited power supply and wideband data link. The stabilized 5-rotor platform can host a large variety of payloads such as CCD/IR cameras, radars, laser designators, relays, cellular antennas, and hyperspectral sensors and can receive COMINT and ELINT. The data gathered is transmitted via its wide band communication link, which enables the transfer of critical data to selected recipients in real time.

Free of standard air control regulations, it is ready for immediate operation virtually anywhere.

The HoverMast-150-M can be launched from a wide range of small platforms: UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), pick-up trucks, boats, ATVs, communication vehicles, etc.




  • Border control and port security
  • Federal and local law enforcement
  • Over-the-hill ISR missions
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Special forces, infantry and naval missions
  • Battle information fusion


HoverMast 150-M Technical Specifications




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