HoverMast 100-MS: Stationary Defense Platform with Top Size-to-Payload


HM-120 small

The HoverMast-100-MS is a stationary tethered hovering platform designed for defense applications, mounted on a vehicle, a building or at a remote location. It features an exceptional size to payload ratio capable of hosting a wide variety of payloads, such as electro-optical cameras, communication, relay, etc.

Owing to its fixed position, the HoverMast-100-MS supports top wind endurance, and does not operate on-the-move, unlike the other HoverMast series products.

The HoverMast-100-MS can be operated from a wide range of small platforms: UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), pick-up trucks, boats, ATVs, communication vehicles, and more.




  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Military base and embassy protection
  • Border control and port security
  • Federal and local law enforcement
  • Anti-terror activities
  • Special forces, infantry and naval operation
  • Urban warfare
  • Battle information fusion


HoverMast 100-MS Technical Specifications




Platform Type


Hovering height

100 m


9to 50 m, 6 kg to 100m

Wind endurance (kts)

30 kts

Deployment time