HoverMast 100-M – Best Size-to-Payload for Defense Applications


HM-120 small

As Sky Sapience’s flagship platform, the HoverMast-100-M is an all-around versatile, unmanned hovering machine.

Rising to heights of up to 100 meters within seconds, the HoverMast-100-M is secured by a cable, serving as an unlimited power supply and wideband data link. Supporting COMINT and ELINT, the platform transfers critical data including visuals, wave relay signals, and target location to selected recipients in real time, even while in motion.

The stabilized platform is capable of carrying any payload of up to 9 kg, affording the best size-to-payload ratio in the market today. With its passive operation, the platform emits no electronic signals and a relatively low noise level; it is perfect for missions where low signature is required.

The HoverMast-100-M is suitable for a wide range of small platforms: UGVs/USVs (unmanned ground /surface vehicles), pick-up trucks, boats, ATVs, communication vehicles, etc.

Free of standard air control regulations, it is ready for immediate operation virtually anywhere.




  • Border control and port security
  • Federal and local law enforcement
  • Anti-terror activities
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Mega event protection and crowd control
  • Special forces, infantry and naval operation
  • Urban warfare
  • Battle information fusion



HoverMast 100-M Technical Specifications




Platform Type


Hovering height

100 m


9 kg

Wind endurance (kts)

25 kts

Deployment time


Redeployment time


Operation mode


Operational time

Unlimited (generator)

Remote operation +