The HoverMast Family


Ever attuned to the needs of its customers, Sky Sapience develops and produces a wide range of general-purpose and mission-specific mobile, tethered hovering systems, known as the HoverMast Family.


Each HoverMast, tethered hovering machine, enables stable real-time ISR in virtually all weather conditions. Designed especially for use on small vehicles and marine vessels, its size-to-payload ratio is exceptional. Depending on the HM product, the aerial platform is able to host payloads of up to 18 kg, including CCD/IR cameras, radars, lasers, hyperspectral sensors and those that receive ELINT and COMINT. The HoverMast platforms are completely autonomous; rising to heights of up to 100 m within seconds and are secured by a cable serving as a power supply and wideband data link. The systems are passive with a low signature and as they are tethered, are not limited by air control regulations as are untethered unmanned air systems.
All of the HoverMast models are comprised of an aerial platform made of lightweight, advanced composite materials, a compact housing unit for use on small vehicles and a silenced generator for unlimited operation.


The HoverMast Family Members


HoverMast-100 - For a wide array of defense, HLS and commercial applications
HoverMast-120 – For extended range applications
HoverMast-Exo – For maritime and port security applications
HoverMast-C – For commercial / civilian applications
HoverMast-S – For remote-controlled stationary applications
HoverLite – Designed especially for the US market